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Class Designations: FX followed by driver’s competition number.

Factory Xtreme will utilise a Heads Up Pro Tree start and will race using a Random Chicago Shootout Format for field sizes from 6 to 24.  This may be amended depending on the number of available vehicles and the particular event schedule. It is designed for full-bodied purpose-built, Pro Stock style, turbocharged, RWD race vehicles with minimal rule restrictions using 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder or 2-rotor or 3-rotor or 4-rotor engines. Maximum of 2 power adders permitted.

Minimum Weights

  • 4 Cylinder – 1,950 pounds/ 884.5kgs
  • 6 Cylinder up to 3.0Ltr  – 2,300 pounds/ 1,043.2kgs
  • 6 Cylinder 3.1Ltr to 4.0Ltr  – 2,400 pounds/ 1,088.6kgs
  • 2 Rotor – 1,950 pounds/ 884.5kgs
  • 3 Rotor – 2,200 pounds/ 997.9kgs
  • 4 Rotor – 2,400 pounds/ 1,088.6kgs

All weights include driver, verified after the run. Factory Xtreme Group reserves the right to amend weights in order to maintain parity in the class.



Engine: Engine swaps permitted but engine manufacturer must match body manufacturer, refer Body Section. Any production 4, 6 cylinder or 2, 3 or 4 rotor engine permitted. Billet block or cylinder heads permitted on 6 cylinder engines. Replacement cylinder head must bolt to original block, and function, with no modifications. Replacement block must accept original cylinder head, and function, with no Modifications. Billet block and cylinder head combinations permitted on 4 cylinger engines.  Billett plates and rotors permitted on all Rotary engines. Maximum 2 power adders. Dual stage nitrous systems or multiple superchargers/turbochargers will be counted as one power adder each. Deck-plate and/or welding on deck surface prohibited. Dry sump permitted. Use of vacuum pump for evacuation of crankcase pressure permitted.

Accepted engines: -       4 Cylinder Maximum capacity 3.0 Ltr

6 Cylinder Maximum capacity 4.0 Ltr

2 Rotor or 3 Rotor or 4 Rotor

Exhaust: Open exhaust permitted, except where prohibited by track rules. All open exhaust outlets must terminate below the centre line of the front wheel. All turbocharged vehicles must have two 3/8 inch (10mm) bolts inserted across the diameter of the turbine outlet pipe at 90 degrees to each other, to obstruct the exit of debris in the event of a turbine failure. Refer ANDRA General Regulation’s 4.4.5

Fuel: Ethanol, methanol or petrol only. Refer ANDRA General Regulation’s 4.5 All competitors will be subject to random fuel testing at anytime during any event.

Fuel System: Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.5.4

Intercooler: Permitted. Refer ANDRA General Regulation’s 4.6.1

Liquid Overflow: Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.6.2

Lower Engine Containment Device: Required on all piston-engine cars. Refer ANDRA General Regulation’s 4.6.3

Nitrous Oxide: Commercially available nitrous oxide systems permitted, including for supercharged and turbocharged engines. Nitrous bottle(s) in driver compartment must be equipped with a relief valve and vented outside of driver’s compartment. Hoses from bottle(s) to solenoid must be high-pressure steel-braided. Commercially available, thermostatically controlled, blanket-type warmer accepted. Any other external heating of bottle(s) prohibited. Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.7.3

Supercharger, Turbocharger: Permitted. Refer ANDRA General Regulation’s 4.7.1


Driveline: Driveshaft protection required. Refer ANDRA General Regulation’s 4.9

Flywheel Shield: All manual transmissions equipped vehicles must use a properly constructed steel or titanium bellhousing. Vehicles for which a steel, titanium or aluminium with steel/titanium liner SFI Spec 6.1, 6.2 or 6.3 flywheel shield is not available may use a SFI flywheel shield from another application bolted to a motor plate that is bolted to the engine at all available bolt holes, or use a fabricated shield made of 1/4-inch (6.3 mm) thick steel, surrounding the bellhousing 360 degrees, extending 1-inch (25mm) forward and 1-inch (25mm) rearward of the rotating clutch assembly. Shield must be securely attached to frame or frame structure; may be multi piece. Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.9.6 Flywheel and 4.9.7

Transmission, Automatic: Trans brake permitted. Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.9

Transmission, Manual: Any transmission permitted. Automated, timer-type, electric, electronic, hydraulic, etc. shifting mechanism prohibited; each individual shift must be a function of the driver and can be made manually,

electronically or pneumatically. Clutchless transmissions up to five forward speeds permitted.

Brakes and Suspension

Brakes: Four-wheel hydraulic brakes mandatory.  Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.10.1

Steering: Aftermarket steering permitted.  Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.10.3

Suspension: All suspension must use at least one working shock absorber per wheel. Refer “4.10.4

Wheelie Bars: Permitted.  Maximum length 75 inches (1,905mm) from rear bumper. May be adjustable, but must be fixed during run. Any movement or adjustment during run prohibited. Pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, etc. prohibited. Wheelie-bar wheels must spin free at the starting line. Any preload prohibited.


Ballast: Permitted. Refer ANDRA General Regulation’s 4.11.2

Chassis: Full tube chassis manatory. FWD and AWD vehicles may be converted to RWD configuration. Refer ANDRA General Regulation’s 4.11

Ground Clearance: Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.11.4

Wheelbase: OEM wheelbase plus 10 inches (254mm) maximum or minus 2 inches (50mm) maximum. Maximum wheelbase 115 inches (2845mm) regardless of OEM wheelbase. Vehicles with a current ANDRA Technical Inspection and Log Book at 31 December 2010 with a wheelbase exceeding the 115 inch maximum will be permitted to continue to compete until retired. Maximum wheelbase variation from left to right is 1 inch (25mm).

Tyres and Wheels

Tyres: Racing slicks permitted.  Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.15.2

Wheels: Must be automotive-type wheels suitable for street or racing use. Minimum wheel diameter 13 inches (330mm). Wheel studs must be threaded into hex portion of wheel nut a distance at least equal to the diameter of the stud.  Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.15.3


Interior: Optional. Minimum of drivers seat required. Holes, slots, or other openings in floor and/or firewall prohibited.


Airfoils / Wings: Single fixed rear airfoils are permitted on supercharged/turbocharged/nitrous sedans and derivatives. The airfoil must be securely mounted, and may be no wider than the widest part of the vehicle body. No part of the airfoil may extend past the widest part of the vehicle body, be higher than the highest point of the roof or extend more than six inches behind the rearmost part of the body, not including bumpers or parachute packs. Maximum surface area, including all non vertical surfaces of structure, of 5484 sq cms (850 sq ins) Adjustment or movement of any aerodynamic device during a run is prohibited. Refer Definitions ““airfoil”” in ANDRA Rule Book.

Spoilers: Factory fitted aerodynamic devices for the body used, fitted in the original location are acceptable. Fabricated rear spoilers must not be molded into rear deck lid. Must be painted to match paint scheme.

Must be no lower than horizontal.  Spill plates permitted.  Roof mounted spoilers prohibited. Any adjustment or movement during a run prohibited. Refer Definitions ““airfoil””, ““rear deck”” and ““spoiler”” in ANDRA Rule Book.

Body: Any automotive or light truck body permitted. Body manufacturer must match engine manfacturer, ie. “Toyota body with Toyota engine etc”.  Only 2002 year of manufacture bodys or newer permitted. All bodies must be painted and in good cosmetic condition. Mild customizing permitted, but must retain full-size, full-bodied appearance and silhouette, with minimum 2 functional doors. Doors must open and close from inside and outside.  Lightweight body panels permitted. Body must be full scale (7/8, 3/4 scale, etc. prohibited). Maximum front overhang 45 inches (1143mm) measured from front most part of vehicle to the centre of front axle.  Vehicles with mixed engine and body combinations, that were approved to compete in FX in 2012 will be allowed to continue to compete until retired.

Street Equipment: Headlights and taillights may be painted on. Operative taillight required. Refer ANDRA General Regulation’s 4.8.9

Windshield/Windows: OEM glass may be replaced with Polycarbonate or other shatterproof material, minimum thickness 1/8-inch (3.1mm).


Batteries: Batteries must be securely mounted; may not be located in driver compartment unless sealed off per ANDRA General Regulations 4.8.7

Computer: Vehicle management systems prohibited. Electronic fuel injection permitted. Aftermarket and piggy back computers permitted. Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.8.2

Data Recorder: Permitted. Speed sensors on any un-driven wheel prohibited. Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.8.3

Ignition: Any ignition system permitted. Rev limiters and two steps permitted.  Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.8.3

Traction Control: Not permitted.

Driver and Safety

Arm Restraints: Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.20.1

Driver Restraint System: Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.19.9

Fire Extinguisher System: Manatory.  Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.20.1 and 4.20.2

Head Protector: Required.  Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.20.4

Helmet: Required. Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.19.7

Licence Requirements: Must have ANDRA UDL as a minimum. Subject to track sanction requirements.  Refer ANDRA Credentials 2.3.4

Neck Collar: Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.19.6

Parachute: Mandatory. Refer ANDRA General Regulation’s 4.11.6

Protective Clothing: Required.  Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.19.8

Window Net: Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.12.2


Eligibility: To be eligibility to compete in the Factory Xtreme bracket, competitors must first become a member of the Factory Xtreme Group.  An initial joining fee of $500 is payable plus an annual advertising contribution of $1,000 to is payable (as at 2013). The advertising contribution, is subject to review throughout the year if deemed necessary by the Factory Xtreme Group and at the AGM each year. In 2014 it is expected to be between $1,200 and $1,500.

Racing: Factory Xtreme will utilise a Heads Up Pro Tree start and will race using a Random Drawn Chicago Shootout Format for field sizes from 6 to 24.  This may be amended depending on the number of available vehicles and the particular event schedule.

Record setting: To be eligible to set a Factory Xtreme Class Record, vehicles must meet the minimum weights and all class rules.  Only Qualifying, Eliminations and Final round runs can be counted towards ET/MPH records.  To set a record, it must be backed up by a second run within 1%.  It is the driver’s responsibility to present the vehicle to the scrutineering shed immediately after a run if they feel a record has been set.  Failure to do so will forfeit the record.  Officials will verify weight after a run if the racer feels they have set a record for that class. The record is only awarded to that driver holding the record at the end of the event.

Sponsor Decals: All racers must display the event and class sponsor

decals (if applicable) on both sides of the race vehicle at all times during

the event.  Failure to display such signage may result in exclusion from

participation at the event, correct placement of signage is detailed in the

following image, no other placements will be deemed acceptable unless

otherwise approved by the event promoter or sponsor.

Tow Vehicles: Permitted.  Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.16.9

Warm Up Procedure: Refer ANDRA General Regulations 4.16.5

Weighing: All Factory Xtreme vehicles must report to the scales after every pass, win or loss in qualifying or racing.  Failing to do so in qualifying will have the run disallowed.   Racers failing to do so in racing will be disqualified.