Round 1 - Sydney Jamboree Meeting Report

Great weather, world records and a field of over 170 entries made the 2012 Sydney Jamboree an event to remember for fans of this unique motoring spectacle. With the beautiful Sydney sky belting out our favourite shade of blue, the punters came in their droves to see what the day had to offer, both on and off the track, and they weren't disappointed.

Scott Porter's rookie status changed at the Sydney Jamboree, with the Queenslander going from running high sixes to uncorking an unbelievable 6.48/216 pass, making his Factory Xtreme VQ35 dett-powered Nissan Infinity the quickest and fastest Nissan in the universe. This shot was heard right around the world in pretty quick time, and shows that now the Nissan V6 is more than a match for the Toyota 2JZ and the 20B triple rotors.

Factory Extreme had all the heavyweights do battle in their production-engined door cars. The Rayglass team from New Zealand again showed how it's done, with their trusty Celica, driven by the trusty Rod Harvey running no SLOWER than a 6.59 all day, demonstrating what persistence, testing and a whole lot of horsepower can achieve.

His 6.55 led a tight top 5, with Ben Bray's 6.57, driving the new Karl Hammoud Plumbmaster Scion, Craig Dyson's 6.64 in the Top Rpm Celica, Joe Signorelli’s GAS Celica 6.68 and Zoran Gajic's GAS BMW with a 6.70. Scott Porter's VQ35 Infinity ran a PB 6.89, George Rehayem's PAC MX6 couldn't keep the big rotary power glued going 7.05, and Collin Willshire's 7.24 was tough, considering his 4G63 gives up a litre in capacity.

All round one winners were sixes, with a 6.88 from Dyson over Rehayem, Porter's amazing 6.48 against Gajic, Signorelli's 6.63 against Willshire and Harvey's 6.59 against Tony Wedlock.

Round Two had only one highlight as all encountered problems but Harvey's 6.57 showed the kiwis had the hot ticket to the winners circle.

Round three confirmed this, as Gajic's 6.81 took care of Willshire's Eclipse, Signorelli's 6.69 handled George's wild 6.93, but Harvey's 6.51/219 showed they were ready for the final. Signorelli faced Harvey in the final, but after blowing a turbo during the day, his 6.38 personal best tuneup may have been hard to hit with a replacement unit not exacting.

When the pro tree lit up, Signorelli's holeshot looked hard to beat as both recorded 1.05 60ft times. But as both Celica’s passed the 330ft markers, Harvey's took off like a rocket straight and true, whilst Joe's ride moved wildly as the power curve kicked in hard.

This washed off some elapsed time, with his 6.62/215 eclipsed by low ET and top speed from Harvey at 6.42/221 on the final pass of the evening, capping off one of the most dominant performances by a Sport Compact team ever seen.

The Sydney Nitro Champs is the place to be for Round 2 of the Factory Xtreme Series, May 4 & 5.